Graduate Studies

The Graduate Student Program is run in collaboration with the Department of Medicine’s Experimental Medicine Program. The Experimental Medicine Program is intended for individuals seeking a career in research.

The Department of Medicine offers opportunities and facilities for advanced studies in Experimental medicine, leading toward the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. Members of the Department direct research programs in a wide range of basic and clinically relevant areas. There are a variety of special interest areas of national and international stature.

Dr. Vincent Duronio is the Director of the Experimental Medicine Program. He can be reached at

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To teach the student the application of modern techniques in research.
  2. To develop within the student the ability to read and criticize scientific literature, and to know the current state of knowledge in their particular field.
  3. To teach the student to accurately define a problem and to design experiments which solve problems according to scientific standards.
  4. To teach the student to conduct research on an independent basis.
  5. To develop in all students the ability to communicate results of their research to the scientific community.

Admission Requirements

In general, applicants for the Ph.D. degree must have completed a Master’s degree with a minimum average of 76%. Applicants for the M.Sc. degree must have a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, with an overall average of 76%. Admission requirements for International students vary and are dealt with on an individual basis. There must be clear evidence that the international applicant is competent to pursue studies in the English language, both written and oral. A TOEFL score of 96 is required for International students seeking entry into Experimental Medicine.

There are three levels of requirements a student must meet to be admitted:

  • the requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies must be met
  • the Experimental Medicine Program must approve the student
  • a Research Supervisor must accept the student