Our research labs attract graduate students and fellows from around the world. Each one is focused on taking ideas from the bench to the bedside and all have achieved national level peer-reviewed funding.

Dermatology Clinical Trials Unit
This unit conducts acclaimed testing and studies with investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored trials.

Photomedicine Institute
The Photomedicine Institute is dedicated to using light to advance diagnostic and treatment practices for the skin.

Immunodermatology Laboratory
Here the skin immune system is analyzed and its mechanisms explored, including T cell activation, vaccine development, and the effects of external factors.

Molecular Medicine Laboratory
This lab explores the intersection of genomics (DNA sequencing) and dermatology to customize new therapies and predict prognoses using genetic signatures.

UBC Skin Research Day
The Department of Dermatology and Skin Science hosts this annual one day educational conference every March.

Publications & Reports
Our researchers from each of our laboratories publish extensively.

Research Sponsors
We are grateful to all the Research Sponsors who keep our dermatological advances moving forwards, including peer-reviewed funding agencies, hospital foundations, philanthropic organizations, and Industry.